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Product Summary

Mfg Part#: WirelessKeyFinder
Rakuten.com Sku: 223162794
UPC: 859108016334
UPC 14: 00859108016334

Product Description

When trying to find your keys, wallet, bag, or even your pet, a typical search will not help save time. Prevent frustration and anxiety! Nothing can hide from our Item locator!

This Wireless Key Finder is the most advanced remote control locator and lost key finder available today! This key finder is for everyone who loses household items from keys to TV remote controls, needs to save precious time, and wants to avoid the stress and anxiety of not knowing where something is.

To use it, simply click the find button on Key Transmitter to find an item attached to any other Receivers. The missing Key responds immediately with a loud distinctive tone. Anyone can use the KeyFinder to find missing items in just seconds. Never again be late to work, school or an important appointment. The Remote finder is used for locating missing objects such as keys, eyeglass cases, television remotes, purses and other hard to find items. You just simply need to attach the receiver to the object. Then you can just press the button A, B, C, D for the objects that attached on the corresponding receiver For example, if your keys is attached on receiver 'A', When you find your keys is missing, you just need to press the corresponding B button on the transmitter for 2 seconds and there will be B-B-B sound from the receiver B that attached to your keys. Then follow the beep you can easily to find your keys.

Just attach the receiver A, B, C, D to any items such as a remote, car keys, cell phone, purse, bag or just about anything. Turn on the power switch on the right side of the receivers that attached to your hard to find item. When you want to get your missing keys or TV remote back, you just need to simply press the corresponding A, B, C, D button on the transmitter for 2 seconds and it will voice out B,B,B sound. Follow the beep to find your lost objects.


Tech Features 4 key ring receivers make it easy to find any of 4 different items
Tech Features Compact, durable, and each receiver weight 3/5 of an ounce
Tech Features Extremely easy to use for people of all ages
Tech Features Great gift for your parents, your love ones, friends, or just for yourself
Tech Features Loud sounds that can help you find items over distances up to 100 feet (30 meters); penetrates through walls, cushions, and more
Tech Features Uses one CR2032 type battery for each receiver (included)
Tech Features Package Contents 1 x radio transmitter, 4 x key ring receivers (includes all batteries)

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    Wireless Remote Key Finder & Locator 7/1/2013
    Thomas Rhoden from Orlando, FL  

    I ordered the Wireless Remote Key Finder & Locator with 4x Receivers. The products would not work. Two of the receivers could only be heard if you held the receiver next to your ear, the other 2 were dead. I called 1-510-488-3790 for return twice, the calls went to voicemail, and I left all the voicemail information. I have received NO response from Mail-Direct.

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    Just what I was looking for 6/28/2013
    Bonnie from Raleigh, NC  

    This is a perfect gift for my father-in-law who is always losing his keys. I have looked in stores for quite some time for just this item. I will reorder if there is someone else that could use it.

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    Perfection 9/7/2012


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    WORTHLESS 9/6/2011
    Ben from Kamiah, Id  

    Volume on receiver so low can barely hear it when holding right next to your ear. Waiting for my refund.

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    Inaudible and transmission weakness 8/23/2011
    Flo from Charlotte Hall Md.  

    I agree with DFW. The volume is so low you can't hear it even when you are close. Also, when you hit the transmitter, you have to be practically next to the key finder for it to respond. If you lose your keys, chances are they will not be close. Transmitter would not activate the finders as close as 12 feet. Not a good buy. I did get a refund; however, it did cost me return shipping. Chalk it up to a learning process.

    2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.
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    Practically Inaudible 8/12/2011

    Virtually worthless due to the very low volume of the receivers. The only way to hear it is to hold it next to you ear which is of course not very helpful if you are trying to find something. You could be right beside it and never even know it because you wouldn't hear it.

    6 of 6 customers found this review helpful.
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